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An exciting journey because there is increasing acknowledgement that the historical prohibition of cannabis and the use of cannabis derivatives for medicinal purposes was based on bogus misinformation and ignorance, something that today’s medical researchers are happy to re-evaluate.

Yet we also need to be careful that we don’t mix enthusiastic anecdote with hubris.

Medical Research is being undertaken all over the world currently and as a Company we intend to inform ourselves as much as possible with clinical studies and trials.

Collaborating where we feel it will help and conducting our own pertinent trials in the UK to influence the eventual take-up of suitable treatment by the NHS, by Insurers and by European Healthcare ministries.

Jordan’s Journey

pioneering investment in a personal quest

Jordon Burling-Mumford is our ‘Minister without Portfolio’ at Medicaleaf™. After a chance meeting on a train, Jordan shared his story, one which may be resonant for some or illustrative for others. He joins our team to share his story, support our cause and our mission to improve the quality of life for those suffering from pain and ailments and to work toward an effective solution for himself and others – or die trying.

Yes, Jordan has been given a deadline. His conditions have names and excruciating, painful symptoms. His medical team after countless consultations, interventions, surgeries and solutions can offer nothing more than pain relief for his slowly decaying nerve cluster - diagnosed as ‘S1 Gangliotic Radiculopathy’, the result of a recent ‘absent seizure’.

He tells us…” My parents arrived in the U.S. as poor immigrants with two small children and are now happy, successful, and fulfilled, one a medic the other a rocket scientist. I was a fit, strong, skateboarding, wave-riding beach boy from California who excelled at soccer. At school I was an academic achiever, the class leader, finishing tests first and setting the curve with my scores. In sport, I set the record for the number of goals scored in one season in my entire county's history.” and now…

At the tender age of 16 whilst was driving home from school, he blacked out at the wheel – experiencing his first epileptic fit. Despite crashing off a bridge and rolling the car several times – he survived without a scratch. His father and grandfather had also been sufferers and epilepsy (a condition which has played a large part in the injuries sustained alongside three ACL knee replacements, double broken wrists, concussions, spinal disc degeneration and CMS (Cluster Migraine Syndrome) etc) lead to the chronic pain he now experiences over various parts of his body and the permanent injury related to a seizure.

Over the years, after unsatisfactory surgical interventions, the medical solution became opiates to control pain.

To describe the pain would simply not reflect the day-in day-out and through the night, unrelenting, stabbing, piercing, torturing experience that is Jordan.

And yet it is not. Jordan continues…

“I’ve been informed that I will lose the ability to walk in a couple of years; I rarely sleep due to my constant pain, (a dangerous sleep pattern for an epileptic triggered by "lack of sleep”); I was in the grip of opioids (pain killers, some as strong as 4,800 times the strength of codeine, 500 times stronger than morphine on a daily basis - just to feel "normal"); the pain opiates caused me to inflict on the people around me; my hopes and dreams dashed; a seizure 18 months ago that started nerve pain and nerve death; an indefinite deadline on my life. All this – but it’s changed. I realised that I had got ‘Sick of Being Sick’, sick of lying to hide my diagnosis and my addiction and the abuse of opiates (it had got so bad).

Until ‘the moment when’… realising I had become blinded by my own decline, pain, suffering, and dependency, I sought clarity. I eventually came off opiates all together, my mental clarity was crystal clear, my thoughts, my mind, my attitude changed. I am alive today because I made a choice to fight pain without opiates.

Today, I am not pain free. I continue to work as an investment specialist for a large bank and commute an hour a day, my family depend on me but also support me. My clear mission is to share my story and my ongoing journey, exploring the use of cannabinoids. Working with Medicaleaf I will be an advocate and live-tester of our products. With my scientific background and training I will be involved in ongoing clinical trials and sharing regular updates via our website and as a face of the business. To know that there is an alternative to the physical, mental, familial, financial and many more side-affects (think Trainspotting x 100) of regularly prescribed opiate pain relief and to bring that relief to others will see me go happy.”

Jordan’s Regular Blog

features monthly updates on his personal journey and provide insight and guidance on what is working for himJordan’s Blog
Product & System


We have a clear direction as to how we wish to develop and roll out our product lines. Our vision is to introduce a complimentary ‘system’ of food products and drinks, creams and balms, all of which combine to compliment the body’s natural ‘wellness’ regime.

We will not compromise on quality, safety and efficacy whilst we will be mindful and open to the new understandings that modern science will deliver and commit to building these into our wellness system as soon as is appropriate.

The delivery of Medicinal Cannabis is still in its infancy in Europe as a whole and in the UK in particular.

The UK Government and its medical advisers are yet to be convinced of the overall benefit of Cannabis in the many diseases it has been cited as being able to alleviate or cure.

Traditional medical research would usually test a measured amount of isolated compound, synthesised compound or both, using randomised double-blind or even triple-blind trials and indeed many such trials are currently being undertaken.

These trials give results which are on the whole favourable but they are unfortunate in their limitation for the following reasons:

It is observed that the best outcomes from Cannabis prescriptions are when the ‘full spectrum’ of cannabinoids are administered to the patient. Full spectrum mixes are not synthesised, nor separated as isolates, they are a mixture of compounds extracted from the cannabis plant in the proportions they existed within the plant and are seen to work together in combination.

Each particular Cannabis strain will exhibit a particular ratio of underlying Cannabinoids and the effect of a particular underlying ratio on a particular individual is where a great deal of research is still required.

Because every individual is an ‘individual’ their bodies’ reaction to cannabinoids will also differ. Medical understanding is at last moving away from the ‘one size fits all’ policy we have been conditioned to accept to ‘personalised prescription’. The continuing development of our parametric prescription device will help to facilitate the personalisation of medicine, whilst also recording anonymous meta-data that will help build proof of efficacy.

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If you would like to share your experience with medicinal cannabis, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us and tell us your story.Tell Us About It
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