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Medicaleaf (TM) was born from experience, ‘our own’

In the months preceding her passing, few wanted to hear how she was truly. Lots of gestures of hope, comments on her courage and positivity but nothing about how she was unlikely to survive – something I was struggling to accept.

They say ‘the only way out is through’ and, despite often feeling the need to sugar-coat the story to spare others, that meant living with the possibility of Mum’s early demise or doing whatever I could to change that.

It was at this time, more than four years ago, as my own mother was diagnosed with metastatic bladder cancer, that I started researching the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Many will relate to my experience, as it’s often the families who struggle to accept the diagnosis and rally round to support our loved ones through pain and suffering. We find ourselves isolated, concerned about being a drain on everyone else and without an outlet for our real feelings, forced to accept the well-meaning gestures and thoughts.

We too want to be positive, useful and supportive.  We take hopeful leaps, teased by the latest breakthroughs and google-able solutions – only to be told that none are deemed suitable for our loved ones.

Watching the candle burn and life ebb away, observing the pain, doing anything humanly possible to try to help but ultimately, having to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

For us, like many others, it turned out to be too late, despite what I’d discovered: Mum didn’t make it. Our family was shaken to the core, we finally had to accept we had lost the race. But with Mum’s passing another question was raised: How could we prevent others from experiencing this pain?

Through my research and an unbridled determination to continue building my knowledge on the benefits of CBD and THC compounds to human health, Medicaleaf™ was born.

Medicaleaf™. A Global Brand Promoting Wellness from Nature™.

Philip Cox, MD Medicaleaf Ltd.

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