Business Model

Medicaleaf™ is set to be Europe’s leading provider of health and wellness CBD innovations. A global brand promoting wellness from nature.

To the investor it is philanthropic & profitable in balance


Entering an emerging market, following government re-scheduling of ‘cannabis-derived medicinal products’ and downward pressures on healthcare costs, coupled with a growing awareness of the advantages of good health, well-being and improved lifestyles Medicaleaf™ is strategically positioned to take advantage of the present receptivity groundswell and build the strongest, most reliable distribution channels throughout Europe.

Based on the highest quality and instantly recognisable medical and wellbeing solutions, customer advice, aftercare and education.

To the medical profession it is a life saver, providing personalised medicine, tailored and monitored treatment, the latest education and specialist clinic referral system with the ‘go to’ technology for all holistic prescriptions.

To the consumer it is the brand; the go-to platform to access tested and trusted products for wellness from nature, improving the quality of life for those suffering pain and ailments. It’s a great company to do business with for efficiency, effectiveness, service, value, security, information, feedback, choice and trust.

State of the art e-commerce. At the heart is a ‘state-of-the-art’ website-based online platform and e-commerce engine featuring

Co-ordinated prescription ordering from medical specialists via chemists or for direct delivery

Follow ups with specific evidenced feedback from prescribing specialists

An intelligent, personal health ‘avatar’ to assist consumers maintain health and well-being

Advice and support to specialists with robust knowledge centre delivered by qualified staff

An online payment system and ordering platform for well-being, health and cosmetic products for both commercial partners and direct consumers

A CRM solution for the sales team to manage distribution partners and for the platform to auto-manage website visitors and enquirers

A global sales platform encouraging loyalty by reward

An online dispensary linked to the e-commerce platform. The well-being platform customers can:

  • Purchase wellness products and order prescription products via GPs
  • Receive an efficient and controlled service delivery
  • Identify GPs supporting the service
  • GP access education and referral to specialist clinics
  • Store diagnostics, tailor and monitor a specific monthly course of treatment
  • Access information fed to the highly confidential database using blockchain
  • Access prescriptions made by authorised practitioners
  • Access distribution agreements and collaboration with chemists
An app ‘Medicaleap’(Patent pending) gathers personal data from the individual

Medical history, evidential medical tests (e.g. blood tests) and using a proprietary algorithm developed with professorial insight and guidance, make sand reviews a parametric prescription that the medical specialist can safely rely on and compare against meta data.

  • The ‘go to’ technology for all holistic prescriptions
  • Part of the NHS’s drive toward ‘personalised medicine’
  • Currently being trialled with NIHR/NHS

Quality products and consistent service standards, education, learning and feedback built-in

If you would like to be the first to know when we launch our well-being from nature and medicinal cannabis product ranges and find out more about how you will be able to use medicinal cannabis, we’d love to hear from youContact Us
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