Why you need to know about CBD Gummies


Why you need to know about CBD Gummies

You’d be forgiven for knowing nothing about CBD gummies, what they are, and which ones are the best CBD gummies to buy online – but not for finding out why you’ve missed what’s going on!

There is now no denying the medicinal value of CBD and THC. The law in the UK changed last November and medicinal cannabis products were moved from schedule 1 (meaning they’d got no medicinal value) to schedule 2 which allows doctors to prescribe them in certain circumstances and effectively rubber-stamped the cultivation and export of the world’s largest medicinal cannabis crop.

It’s likely you will start to hear much more about the benefits of CBD that it’s a safer alternative to opioids and other addictive prescription drugs with severe side effects or that it’s the only thing providing real relief from patients debilitating symptoms or calms their fits.

Just this week, Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show featured Emma Appleby whose daughter Teagan suffers from Lennox Gastaut Syndrome and experiences 300 epileptic seizures per day. She shared her extraordinary experience with medical cannabis and reports that since the first dose in 13 April 2019 Teagan immediately no – yes zero – daytime seizures.

Link https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/helpforteagan

The show also highlighted the family’s struggle to get a prescription and to source the medical cannabis once they had – other than from abroad with consequent import difficulties and costing £2,500 each.

These are just some of the areas that this emerging market and developing industry is faced with addressing. Whilst many still hold the belief that the medicinal benefits of cannabis are unproven or even that its therapeutic use is a dangerous step towards full legislation, there is no question that there is great interest and a huge wave of change unfolding with new research giving increasing confidence that CBD is potentially the biggest therapeutic breakthrough, the new medicine.

We are not the first Company to enter the Medical Marijuana arena but our team of seasoned professionals possess a wealth of experience in many key areas. Medicaleaf Limited is involved in all areas of the emerging industry, an industry leader in the UK and about to launch a range of beneficial CBD products as a trusted brand for UK consumers to understand, access and benefit safely from CBD.
So, CBD Gummies may not be your preferred choice but on the launch of our website today, and as products, research and development are rolled out – we look forward supporting your wellness from nature.



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